Our name is inspired by the Italian word for beauty – Bellezza – and the area’s stunning river bluffs and sparkling Lake Pepin views. The buildings of Villa Bellezza surround a charming central square and fountain. Gather with family or friends in this “town square” atmosphere with a bottle of wine and a meal at one of our cafe tables. Self-guided tours through the “Villa” event center offer a unique opportunity to explore the classical architecture — meander through balconies and arcades with a glass of wine.

Villla Bellezza produces over a dozen wines, including several winners of international wine competitions. The estate manages three vineyards located around Lake Pepin, sourcing additional grapes locally from our friends and neighbors in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. Our unique wine blends combine artistry with cutting edge science. We produce wines that cover a full range of palates – from dry to sweet , from white to rose to red. Whatever your taste, there’s a Villa Bellezza wine that you will love!

Visit our website to learn more at www.villabellezza.com.  Join us on Facebook to hear about upcoming events. Open all year.